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Summer Vibes


Our week-long full immersion camp will provide an enriching cultural experience in Korea with some of the top-rated educators in the country. Instead of having weeks with specific themes, this year, the children will be able to experience a different theme every day!

Summer Vibes
Korea City View

We believe that spending time outdoors is essential for a healthy lifestyle. That's why our camps offer a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and kayaking. Campers will explore the beautiful nature of Korea and create unforgettable memories.

King Sejong

Learning a new language is always exciting. Our language courses are designed to be interactive and fun. Campers will learn basic Korean phrases and words that will help them communicate with locals and understand the culture better.

Korean food is known for its unique flavors and health benefits. Our camps offer cooking classes where campers will learn how to prepare traditional Korean dishes. They will also have the opportunity to taste different Korean snacks and drinks.

Food Knolling

Korean culture is rich in arts and crafts. Our camps offer various workshops such as calligraphy, pottery, and paper folding. Campers will learn new skills and create their own Korean-inspired artworks.

Wrapping Clothes
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